My husband spent our 10 year anniversary ALONE at the restaurant table…

Because I was too embarrassed to
leave the bathroom

Imagine walking into a restaurant bathroom…

And the first thing you see is a woman bawling her eyes out on the cold tile floor, mascara running down her cheeks.

She’s holding her belly and rocking her body back and forth, huffing and puffing and moaning like she’s about to give birth. 

That was me on my 10-year wedding anniversary dinner. 

And oh boy, was I looking forward to it! We went to our favourite italian restaurant. I’d been dreaming of that creamy tiramisu for days… 

But instead of enjoying my delicious dinner, I spent most of the evening in the ladies’ room while my husband kept texting me


I was too embarrassed to answer. But basically I was a balloon about to pop.

I was so bloated my cramps were almost as bad as labour pains...

In fact, 5 different women walked into the bathroom, saw me on the floor holding my belly... gasped loudly and asked if I was about to give birth.

“No I’m just so bloated and I’m trying to move the gas around”


A friend gave me this “tip”. She told me that rocking back and forth helps eliminate the gas faster and relieves the cramps…

But I never thought I’d end up doing it on a restroom floor, in my beautiful red velvet dress, surrounded by women brainstorming solutions and emptying their purses looking for meds.

They knew exactly what I was going through, as most women do.

We’ve all had at least one crushing, humiliating experience due to bloating and embarrassing gas...

The ones that happen in public are always memorable down to the last horrible detail...

Sitting at a restaurant table trying to hold as still as possible, belly the size of a watermelon and cold sweat running down the back of the neck… 

TERRIFIED that the gurgling noises will attract everyone’s attention. Or even worse… that a loud one might slip out before making it to the bathroom.  

Then, after all the cramping and gurgling and waves of unbearable pain — The Conclusion:


Unfortunately, this is a much too common story. 

Most women - especially after 40 when Perimenopause starts - are suffering from flatulence, bloating, and tummy aches after almost every meal. 

And what’s worse is that we never get taken seriously - not even by doctors and nutritionists!


In a recent survey, 83% of women complained that their doctors thought they were making up their symptoms1.

But now there’s clear scientific evidence that shows the true cause of these daily digestive struggles — and it turns out it’s also responsible for uncontrollable hormonal weight and sugar cravings.


WARNING: Major spoiler alert!

Sorry, but I’m too excited to keep it to myself…


Based on 13,987+ scientific studies, an actual solution was finally created with only 2 natural ingredients → yes, only TWO!

Best part: This 2-phase system obliterates all the nasty symptoms at once...

  • Ends bloating and gas in 9 days or less (tested and proven!)
  • Stops fluid retention and reduces puffiness)
  • Slays hormonal weight and sugar cravings
  • Makes bowel movements regular and EASY
  • Flushes toxins out of the digestive system
  • Repairs the damage inside the digestive tract
  • Restores the natural healthy environment - and keeps the nasty “bugs” from causing trouble again!

I’ve used this myself and I can honestly say:
I feel like a completely NEW person!!

And it’s not just me.

I only decided to give it a try after seeing hundreds of recommendations and was convinced this is the real deal.

I’ll show some of these transformations in just a moment, screenshots and everything…

But first, I just want to answer a question that may have popped up right away (it popped in my head, too):

How can ONE natural system fix all these digestive and metabolic problems?

It’s all linked to these mysterious “creatures”
inside the digestive tract

Introducing Prebiotic Collagen Protein™:

Triggers Deep Gut Repair To Eliminate A Bloated,
Gurgling and Gassy Stomach In 9 Days


The 2-phase natural formula adapts to the unique needs of your Digestive Tract and Microbiota to deliver immediate and long-lasting gut healing results without exclusion diets, medications or band-aid options from the pharmacy…

  • Ends even the most solvable digestive issues
  • Makes weight loss almost effortless
  • Turns off sugar cravings so you don’t feel hungry
  • Flushes out toxins to keep you regular
  • Boosts your energy so you can live a full life
  • Invitation to our Private gut health support group

30,289 Australian Women use Prebiotic Collagen every day to live very full lives once again

How The 2-Phase Formula Adapts To The Unique Needs Of
Your Body To Create Digestive Freedom In 9 Days or Less

Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides

Are immediately absorbed into your gut lining where they trigger deep and intensive repair. The science shows Collagen peptides are the most gentle and bioactive protein available.

Organic Prebiotic Blend

They act like a natural gut fertiliser inside the microbiota. They feed the good gut flora to completely revitalise, rebalance and bring newfound life to the microbiota.

Rebalancing Your Gut Microbiota Unlocks The Gateway To Your New Long Lasting Positive Health Changes

Almost a quarter of the world’s population reports having a food intolerance that causes chronic digestive issues.

And there are many others out there experiencing flatulence, bloating, and tummy aches after every meal and still haven’t got a clear diagnosis.

This happens mostly to women, because we’re more likely to suffer from gastrointestinal disorders than men.

Unfortunately, it also happens that women’s health issues don’t get taken as seriously as it should. In a recent analysis, 83% of women complained that their doctors thought they were making up their symptoms...

Yet now there’s clear scientific evidence behind your daily health struggles...


30,289 Australian Women use Prebiotic Collagen every day to live very full lives once again

Your Health Struggles Are Linked To These Mysterious “Creatures” Known As Gut Flora Inside Your Microbiota

You may already know that your gut is filled with bacteria that break down the food you eat.

Normally, their job is to make sure the good stuff goes into your body to produce energy and keep you healthy… while the bad stuff gets flushed out of your body.

But when your gut bacteria can’t do their job properly, the food ferments in your belly. That’s why you get inflated, experience tummy pain and start passing gas after meals.

You’re literally the human version of a champagne bottle.

Fermentation is the exact same reason why the lid pops off the champagne bottle and the bubbles start rising to the top.

In this case, your belly gets more and more inflated until the embarrassing “bubbles” come out.

So you either have to deal with unbearable tummy aches… or face the humiliation of passing gas, especially when you’re out in public.

That alone can drive anyone out of their mind…

If you’ve ever resorted to anything weird, unhealthy, or downright crazy just to go through an important event without your belly rumbling with gas or risking digestive “events”, you know exactly what it’s like.

Clinical studies show that your gut bacteria is directly linked to a series of symptoms and health problems you may find very familiar...

30,289 Australian Women use Prebiotic Collagen every day to live very full lives once again

Do You Find Any Of The Following Familiar?

If So, It’s Likely You Have An Unbalanced, Distressed and Inflamed Digestive Tract and Microbiota

  • Gas and flatulence, irregular bowel movements and tummy aches
  • Diagnosed digestive disorders such as IBS or IBD
  • Mood disorders such as depression, anxiety, and mood swings
  • Excessive appetite, weight gain, and unhealthy sugar cravings
  • Low energy levels, restless sleep at night, fatigue and brain fog
  • Chronic pain, generalised inflammation, and a poor immune system
  • Feeling so sluggish that you can barely cope with everyday tasks
  • Waking up with an upset stomach after a night of tossing and turning
  • Avoiding social gatherings that involve food, including family events
  • Trying restrictive elimination diets that make your gut even more sensitive

Now you will never have to go through anything like this ever again:

Prebiotic Collagen Puts You Back In Control Of Your Body, Freeing You From The Never Ending Battle of Digestive Nightmares

Phase #1:

Our Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein is extremely bioactive, containing over 90% of pure protein which is quick and easy to digest. The high levels of glycine and other healing amino acids can help heal your gut lining, boost energy production and trigger weight loss. Our incredible Collagen Protein is also much easier to digest than other protein types such as plant-proteins and inflammatory whey protein.


Phase #2:

The important Prebiotic Fibres act like a natural gut fertiliser inside the microbiota. They feed the good gut flora to completely revitalise, rebalance and bring newfound life to the microbiota.

Prebiotics are different types of special fibres that encourage beneficial species of gut flora to grow. Our organic prebiotic blend helps to maintain a healthy intestinal environment and wipes out bloating, gas, pains and other digestive discomforts while making sure your body digests all the nutrients from your food


30,289 Australian Women use Prebiotic Collagen every day to live very full lives once again

Prebiotic Collagen In A Snapshot:


Shown to give you immediate digestive comfort while restoring your gut integrity for deep long term results


Puts gut healing and microbiota repair on autopilot without diets, medication or lifestyle changes


Safe and effective in relieving food intolerances, IBS, leaky gut, ulcerative colitis, and other digestive disorders


Collagen Peptides from grass-fed cows sustainably raised in Germany. Internationally renowned for having the highest production quality in the world


Produced in small batches to maintain ultra high quality levels in a HACCP and International Standards 9001 Certified facility in sunny Queensland, Australia


Used by over 30,289 clients with ingredients backed by over 4,417 scientific studies

How Prebiotic Collagen Is Transforming The Lives Of Thousands Of Women With 1 Easy Scoop A Day


“The results for Mel were almost instant”

“About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis. “I was about to request to go on lifelong meditation to help me cope with the pain”

However, I found Happy Mammoth one day just scrolling through my page. I was amazed by the products and comments of success…i decided to try Prebiotic Collagen Protein”.

“The results for me were almost instant! The pain associated with Interstitial Cystitis has dulled and now even some days, most days, I am pain free. I can’t speak highly enough of this company and their products.”

Mel is from sunny North Queensland where she lives with her partner and two year-old twin boys.

Order Now To Eliminate Pain

“I’ve had a lot of compliments lately”

“I’ve been struggling with the bloating that comes with IBS. I’ve also suffered with brain fog for quite a long time along with depression…my skin is also suffering.”

“I discovered your page through social media and was intrigued by the great ingredients they contain and the health benefits that go with them.”

“I’m feeling so much better now without the dreaded bloating and sluggish bowel. Mood wise I feel more confident due to the weight loss and younger looking skin…the clarity of my skin has improved since taking it.”

Lesley absolutely adores the country and enjoys going for drives and walks along dirt roads.

Order Now To Eliminate Pain

“I found my own path to recovery”

“I learnt about Happy Mammoth through very extensive research, looking for solutions to help improve my gut health, as I was dealing with chronic food intolerance symptoms.”

“Doctors don’t seem to have much of a clue unfortunately in the world of intolerances, so it’s up to us to find a path to our own recovery.”

“It looked like a good fit around my salicylate intolerance, and had no ingredients that would trigger symptoms… It helped to really reduce my symptoms and let me reintroduce foods I missed!”

One of Chantal’s favourite hobbies is writing. She plans on launching herself as an indie author very soon.

Order Now To Eliminate Pain

Over 644 Documented Success Stories
and Five Star Reviews

Michelle C.

"I am just finishing my first tub of the collagen protein powder and am absolutely loving it! The taste is great and I am starting to feel much more energy and sleeping really well and my weight loss has been effortless!


Thank you for your fabulous product. It tastes delicious and although only 3 weeks into my 2-month purchase I can feel it rebuilding my gut flora and increase my desire to stretch and rebuild my middle-aged and traumatised body!


I have used this for just over a month and love it. My skin glows and looks 10 years younger. I take mine in the morning before I work out and no tummy problems just the right amount of energy to get the day started. Major plus that it tastes really good too.

Candice G.

I noticed a huge difference in bloating and all-round general well being very quickly on this product. I have implemented this into my daily diet and will do so for as long as it’s available. Great way to start the day off right.

Jenny R.

Healthy Me!! My hair stopped thinning and became stronger and my skin cleared. I love Happy Mammoth!! Endless energy!!

Amy G.

I can absolutely verify that my gut bloating, sensitivity and discomfort has dramatically improved after 2weeks use.

Sharon C.

I was advised by my Prosthodontist to take this supplement to help with bone growth for my implant procedure. I have been amazed at the other benefits, my skin seriously looks younger, my hair which was dry is now soft, and my bowels move like clockwork!

Kristy D.

My husband and I have just started with the Prebiotic Collagen Protein and we have both noticed that it has stopped the sugar cravings and has suppressed appetite so no snacking between meals. We both have felt so much better, more active and sleeping much better👍

Irene C.

I have been having tummy problems for many years, more so this past year has been worse. I’ve had continual tummy pain with nausea, and extreme bloating for most days of the week. I forgot what it was like to have a normal tummy without these symptoms. I’ve had to resort to bigger clothes to compensate for the uncomfortable tightness of my clothing. I saw this product on FaceBook and decided to give it a go. It actually worked the same day and the next day/s. After 2 weeks I have been 99% problem-free.

Kelli M.

I am loving this formula, I drink each night and can guarantee a non-bloated stomach upon waking and I have also become ‘regular’, like clockwork! This is the first time this has ever happened to me.


Love these products! I tried Happy Mammoth for myself and my 80 year old Mum who is heavily medicated for parkinsons and bone cancer. We have both been great! Our digestive systems are loving it.

“We become the wonderful, bubbly people we used to be years ago before our tummy’s took over”

  • They could finally go on date nights with their partner or join family dinners without the crippling embarrassment of passing gas or having surprise digestive “events”
  • They could enjoy their favorite foods again without feeling heavy, uncomfortable, bloated and nauseated due to food intolerances
  • They could stick to a daily routine for the first time in years—or even decades—thanks to regular bowel movements and normal sleep patterns
  • They could spend more quality time with their kids and spouse now that they weren’t constantly in pain, exhausted, and stressed out
  • They felt happier and more accomplished as they lived more freely and had the energy to do all the things they wanted instead of just “trying to cope”

30,289 Australian Women use Prebiotic Collagen every day to live very full lives once again

Here’s What The Science-Backed Natural Ingredients In Prebiotic Collagen Can Do For You

  • Collagen is also more 36% more filling than other proteins, which makes you feel fuller for longer and stops you from overeating or getting sugar cravings. [1]
  • Get a full detox and unbreakable 24/7 protection against harmful toxins with Collagen peptides. Seals every leak, crack and fissure in your gut lining that is allowing toxins and pathogens to slip into your bloodstream. [2]
  • No more mood swings, anxiety, and depression. Your gut is in direct connection with your brain—now known as the gut-brain axis. Prebiotics have been shown to reduce stress and improve mood by populating your gut with health-promoting bacteria, which in turn lowers your hormonal response to stress and keeps you calm and happy. [3]
  • Prebiotics are also responsible for how well your immune system works, so you’ll feel healthier all throughout the season with extra protection against diseases. [4]
  • Collagen protein further strengthens your gut lining so you can properly absorb the nutrients in your food and turn them into energy instead of fat. [5]
  • Prebiotics pump you with energy and help you lose weight. By altering your gut microbiota, prebiotics help turn food into energy rather than store it in the form of fat. This way, you’ll get rid of your debilitating fatigue and start burning fat at the same time. [6]
  • Afraid your health will rapidly degenerate due to your digestive disorders? Prebiotics not only help treat IBS, IBS, and other gastrointestinal diseases, but also protect you against colorectal cancer, gastrointestinal infections, type 2 diabetes, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. [7]
  • Keeps you looking younger and feeling comfortable in your own body. Collagen is known for its amazing properties of making skin smoother, hair shinier, and nails stronger. It also helps your joints, bones, and muscles maintain their structure, keeping you active for as long as possible. [8]

How Over 30,289 Of Us Are Using Prebiotic Collagen For The Fastest Results:

Nourishing Wholefood Smoothies That Alkalise Your Entire Body

Due to its delicious and subtle natural vanilla flavour (with real organic vanilla beans), Prebiotic Collagen is the perfect inclusion in your morning smoothie. Mix it with blueberries, raspberries and almond milk to create the perfect anti-aging smoothie. Or mix it with kale and spinach to create a detoxifying smoothie that flushes out all the toxins and gunk, leaving you feeling lighter, clear headed and vibrant. The options are endless….


Delicious Gluten-Free Baked Goods That Switch On Fat Burning

Prebiotic Collagen Protein can be used to give a mouth-watering baked goods a gut friendly twist. Thanks to it’s mix-ability and subtle flavour, it combines perfectly with protein balls, gluten-free protein brownies, gluten-free protein pancakes or any other gluten-free baked goods—protein cupcakes anyone?!!? Add it to anything. The only limit is your imagination…


With a glass of filtered water in the morning, noon or night


Before bed to sleep to switch on overnight gut healing


Whilst travelling to keep your gut and microbiota in sync


Whilst recovering from surgery and sports injuries


As a meal replacement to lose weight faster or breakthrough weight loss stalls


In the morning to turn off sugar cravings for the day

30,289 Australian Women use Prebiotic Collagen every day to live very full lives once again

Perform Better Both Physically and Mentally

Before any type of exercise for sustained energy, focus and newfound clarity.

During exercise for faster recovery times between sets.

After any type of exercise for faster muscle recovery and less soreness. Prebiotic Collagen helps your body adapt to exercise which unleashes newfound personal performance.


Or use it as part of The Complete Gut Synergy System For Maximum Gut Healing Results In Minimum Time:


The Complete Gut Synergy System is the most complete gut healing solution available to you. It creates total synergy in the gut lining, digestive tract and microbiota with our unique blends of Prebiotics, Probiotics and newly discovered Postbiotics… We then recommend consuming the 15g (one scoop) of Prebiotic Collagen Protein and 10g (one scoop) of Postbiotic Beauty Reds together with or after breakfast. We then recommend taking 10g (one scoop) of the Probiotic Power Greens after lunch for a gentle and sustained energy kick to power you through the afternoon.

30,289 Australian Women use Prebiotic Collagen every day to live very full lives once again

Thousands of Us Are Transforming Their Lives As We Speak In Our Secret, Invitation Only Private Facebook® Support and Reassurance Group

Gain access to insider only health information and get FREE personalised advice from our team of experts which includes: Microbiologists, Certified Nutritionists, Product Formulation Experts and Resident Biohackers when you become a Happy Mammoth client:


7 Ways To Know If Prebiotic Collagen Is Right For You

  • If you get bloating, gas, reflux, tummy aches, or discomfort almost every day after eating...
    This 2-phase system will give you immediate relief from these symptoms and will make sure they won’t affect your daily life again.
  • If surprise digestive “events” have affected your social life and robbed you of your joy of life…
    Prebiotic Collagen will ‘turn back the clock’ and help you become the fun-loving, spontaneous person you used to be (and LOVE!).
  • If your gut disorders have taken over your life and you feel like you’re caged inside a dysfunctional body…
    This system will keep your syndrome under control—be it IBS, leaky gut, autoimmunity or other digestive disorders—so you can start spending your days the way YOU want.
  • If you’re afraid your health will rapidly deteriorate due to your severe digestive disorders...
    Collagen and Prebiotics are shown to reverse the damage, rebuild your gut lining, and repopulate it with a microbiome that will keep you healthy and active for years.
  • If Doctors or other healthcare professionals thought you made up your symptoms
    Due to their training, Doctors often have a fixed mindset when it comes to natural health solutions. In fact, out of 7 years of training, Doctors only spend 1 single unit learning about nutrition. And on top of that many don’t update their knowledge or keep up-to-date with the latest nutrition developments and scientific discoveries..
  • If you’ve tried countless exclusion diets, mediciations, band-aid solutions from the pharmacy
    Many medications and pharmacy solutions trick your body or ‘mask’ digestive symptoms… What’s more, exclusion diets can make your gut even more sensitive. Prebiotic Collagen delivers both immediate and long-lasting healing results.
  • If you want you want to take back control your health to get more out of life
    PrIf you want to erase chronic digestive issues, lose weight, end sugar cravings, rediscover your energy, increase exercise performance, detoxify the body, rebalance your microbiota or eliminate the brain fog and anxiety, Prebiotic Collagen can help you reach these goals with maximum healing results in minimum time.

30,289 Australian Women use Prebiotic Collagen every day to live very full lives once again

Bloating Gone In 9 Days Or Money Back*

“We’re so confidant in the effectiveness of Prebiotic Collagen Protein when it comes to eliminating bloating that we are offering you the following 60 day guarantee”

4417+ Scientific Studies Support Prebiotics & Collagen


"I'm feeling so much better now without the dreaded bloating and sluggish bowel. Mood wise I feel more confident due to the weight loss and younger looking skin... the clarity of my skin has improved since taking it."


If you don’t experience a reduction in bloating within 9 days, simply send our friendly customer service team an email with the following details:

  • Attach a photo to your email showing you have taken at least 9 servings of Prebiotic Collagen Protein
  • A brief food dairy showing what you have eating during the 9 day period
  • This offer is restricted to 1x package only. The 2x and 4x packages are not included in this offer

Your diet plays an important role in your results. As long as you can show you have taken at least 9 serves and have not eaten junk food and alcohol every day during the trial, we will happily send you double your money back excluding the postage cost.

You can even keep the rest of the jar at our expense. Your purchase is guaranteed up to 60 days from purchase date.

30,289 Australian Women use Prebiotic Collagen every day to live very full lives once again

Invest In Your New State Of Health Today

The Complete Gut Synergy System
$ 189 .99
  • 1x Prebiotic Collagen Protein
  • 1x Probiotic Power Greens
  • 1x Postbiotic Beauty Reds
  • Just $63.66 per jar
    Once-off option
  • Prebiotic Collagen Protein: Vanilla Bean
    Probiotic Power Greens: Natural Pineapple
    Postbiotic Beauty Reds: Natural Raspberry
  • Synergistic natural repair of the entire body from Probiotics, Postbiotics, Collagen Peptides, powerful phytonutrients and antioxidants for 360-degree gut lining and microbiota restoration
  • Eliminates gut pain and associated gas, reflux, bloating and food intolerances, makes weight loss more effortless and helps you breakthrough weight loss stalls
  • SAVE $90.00
  • Turn back the clock. This is your new anti-aging secret. Expect a long-term reduction in wrinkles, fine line and blemishes so you look and feel younger
  • 30 billion diverse Probiotics to help with gut and microbiome rebalance
  • Bonus #1The 47 Dangerous Food Additives Eroding Your Health book included for free (digital copy)
  • Bonus #2The Definitive Report To The Worlds Biggest Mystery Illness: Leaky Gut Syndrome (digital copy)
Most Popular
PRO Performance
(2 Months Supply)
$ 119 .98
  • 2x Prebiotic Collagen Protein
  • Just $59.99 per jar
    Once-off option
  • Natural Vanilla Bean Flavour
    (Made with organic vanilla beans)
  • Deeper repair of the gut lining, equalisation of system-wide inflammation and rebalancing of the microbiota
  • Turns off uncontrollable sugar and food cravings quickly
  • SAVE $20.00
  • Turns off uncontrollable sugar and food cravings quickly
  • Reduction in wrinkles, fine line and blemishes
  • Bonus #1The 47 Dangerous Food Additives Eroding Your Health book included for free (digital copy)
  • -
Health Kick
(1 Month Supply)
$ 69 .99
  • 1x Prebiotic Collagen Protein
  • $69.99 per jar
    Once-off option
  • Natural Vanilla Bean Flavour
    (Made with organic vanilla beans)
  • Soothes, Alkalises and Helps Heal a damaged digestive tract and rebalancing the microbiota
  • Some reduction in food and sugar cravings
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -

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