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ENDS Chronic Health Problems In 8 Weeks Or Less GUARANTEED

So You Can…

  • Wind back the clock and quickly remove 8-18 years of aging so you can regain your youthful energy, your ideal figure, your glowing skin, and your juicy libido all at once (regardless of your age, hormonal imbalances, or chronic health issues)
  • Finally, leave chronic health problems in the past FOR GOOD… and heal your body back to perfect, unshakable health — better than ever before (including IBS, IBDs, autoimmune conditions, stubborn digestive problems that no one can explain, leaky gut, hormonal chaos, constant aches and pains, and other "mystery conditions")
  • Get the body you long to see in the mirror… and easily torch fat off your waist, hips, thighs and chin... deflate hormonal belly for good... and tighten your skin to fit your new sexy body 😉

And SO much more, so…


Read On To Discover The Easiest Way to Get These Stunning Outcomes in 8 Weeks (or less) So Your Best Years Are Now Ahead of You (Not Behind!) GUARANTEED!

Dear Friend,

You’re here for a reason, and that reason is because you’re not who you used to be…

You used to be someone who weighed 10-20 kilos less…

You used to be someone who had tons of energy…

And you used to be someone who was able to eat anything you wanted…

Go to sleep late, wake up early and take on anything life would throw at you…


Those days are long gone, and now you’re wondering if you’ll ever be able to find yourself again.

You’ve been looking for a solution to these problems for months, years, maybe even decades…

Yet nothing you try seems to help.

Maybe you get occasional relief here and there, but no matter what, it always comes back…

And when it does, it’s worse than before…

Making You Think That There Is Something Seriously Wrong With You That Can’t Be Fixed By Modern Medicine

What’s worse…

Your loved ones don’t understand you…

And they don’t understand that your body has changed…

Doctors tell you that it’s all in your head…

Naturopaths give you weird herbs or push you to buy a bunch of generic supplements…

And every article or video you watch seems to tell you something different…

It all sounds good on paper, but in reality, none of it works…

And you’re right in the middle, spinning in circles, feeling like you’re losing your best years and desperately trying to figure out…


Why Nothing Works For You...
(and how to fix it FAST)

The great news is that you don’t have to guess anymore…

Because after 11 months of research, we’ve found the answer for you…

And by the time you read this page, you’ll know exactly how to banish your chronic health problems for good in 8 weeks or less, the easiest way possible…

So You’ll Finally Start Living Up To Your Full Potential, Enjoying Your Life, And Feeling Like Your Old Self Again

Hi, I’m Matthew Murphy, the president of Happy Mammoth.

In the last 5 years, we helped 274,539 women from all walks of life overcome some of the biggest health challenges that doctors couldn’t fix.

We’re on a mission to transform the lives of 1 million women from all around the world with 100% natural methods…

Because we’re not just a supplement company… we’re a health company.

And this time, we are going beyond supplements…

And doing something no other supplement company has ever done before — as I'll show you in a moment...

matthew murphy -images

First, let's answer the burning question:

Why Nothing Works For You

To answer this, 11 months ago, we looked at the healthiest, happiest and most successful people in the world…

To find the REAL reason they don’t suffer from chronic health problems…

And stay in great shape no matter their age.

Contrary to a popular belief, we found that it isn’t about what they eat…

It isn’t about what pills they take, either…

And it isn’t about what workouts or exercises they do…


The Real Secret No One Knows About Is These Successful People Have Their Own Health Teams That Create Custom Healing Protocols For Them


Oprah Winfrey has doctors from different fields who adapt treatments to meet her unique needs… That’s why at 68, she runs multiple businesses, appears on TV and has heaps of energy, vitality and she simply looks great

Warren Buffet has a team of 7 doctors who craft unique healing programs just for him — that’s why, despite that he drinks a can of coke and eats at McDonald's every day, he’s sharper at 91 than most people in their 30s


Barbra Streisand has direct access to the best cardiologists from the Women's Heart Centre — that’s why at 80, her heart is as strong as it was 50 years ago.

And other celebrities like Beyonce… Salma Hayek… and Jennifer Lopez — they too have their private teams of health professionals taking care of them — by adapting all the solutions to their unique needs


Why is this so important?

It’s because we’re all different.

We have unique bodies…

We have unique health challenges…

And these (and MANY more) successful people prove that we ALL require a unique healing protocol that’s designed specifically for us…

To wipe out our chronic health problems for good…

And guarantee they never come back.

This Also Explains Why Nothing Works For You-

Because All The Solutions, Programs And Therapies You Tried Didn’t Adapt To You And Your Body’s Unique Needs

You see, you have unique health needs related to:

  • Your age — which determines how damaged your body has become, how much detox you need, and which nutrients are the most important for you to take
  • Hormonal profile — which plays a huge role in putting your body off balance. The more imbalanced your hormones are — the more we need to focus on bringing them back to normal levels
  • Your weight — it tells us a lot about your metabolism and if we need to rev it up to make you burn fat fast and easily
  • Health condition — your unique health problems require a unique healing protocol that adapts to you
  • Diet — it affects your gut health, weight, mood and energy levels…
  • The place you live in — can be responsible for flooding your body with toxins — and if that’s the case, you need to focus more on detox
  • Your work or daily activities — they impact your stress levels — a critical factor in your health
  • And other important factors unique to your health…

However, That’s Something Most (If Not All) Of The Solutions Out There Completely Leave Out — That’s Why They Don’t Work for You

They don’t take into account your unique health needs…

They don’t adapt to you…

So they simply can’t work for you.

All They Give You Is A Temporary Solution To A Permanent Problem

The healthiest, most successful people know this — that's why they don't use these so-called “solutions”…

Instead, they follow custom healing protocols designed specifically for them.

After we realised this, we asked ourselves an obvious question…


What if we could give our customers their own celebrity-like health team that works for them to meet their unique needs… and FINALLY eliminate their chronic health problems for good…


And what if we could do this for a fraction of what it costs these celebrities?

It seemed impossible at first because these services cost hundreds of thousands of dollars…

And often even millions of dollars…

Yet we were convinced we could find a way to make it work.

And so we did — which wasn’t easy.

First, we found the best and most in-demand doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists and counselors who together have 79 years of clinical experience in women’s health.

Then, we went through the latest scientific discoveries on women’s health. We've read 11,435 scientific papers.

And we observed, surveyed and worked with a massive group of 40,289 women…

All to understand their problems, needs and goals on the deepest level possible.

Next, our nutritional scientists researched hundreds of different nutrients to find the right combination proven in scientific studies to balance the body and heal chronic health problems…

Then, we took all our previous discoveries and developed an entirely new line of supplements that are more potent, faster-acting, and stronger than any other formulation we’ve ever made.

And finally, to tie it all together and make it as easy as humanly possible…

We’ve developed a guided step-by-step plan that walks you through every step necessary to end your chronic health problems for good…

So that you always know what to do… never get stuck… and WILL get your desired results — GUARANTEED!

That’s how we’ve created…

The World’s First 8-Week Guided Protocol That Adapts To Your Body’s Unique Needs To Obliterate Your Chronic Health Symptoms In 8 Weeks (or less)…

And It Works For Women Of All Ages and All Unique Health Profiles…


…Because it’s a protocol that’s easy and fast to follow (it takes just up to 1-2 hours per week and even the busiest Mums easily find time to do this)…

Where you’re personally guided by your own health team on each and every step…

To guarantee it will work for you and transform your life for good.

And it’s super easy to accomplish, because it guides you to add just 1 simple tweak to your routine every week.

This protocol walks you through the three phases of balancing your entire body:

First, it heals your gut so you can start absorbing vital nutrients and unlock your body’s ability to heal once again…

Second, it rebalances your hormones so your body returns back to balance…

Third, it installs a new positive mindset that makes you healthy, happy and successful, no matter what happens… You will feel like a huge burden has been lifted from your shoulders…

All that to wipe out your chronic health symptoms for good so you can…

  • Lose weight so you can enjoy this newly-found confidence your beautiful body gives you…wear gorgeous clothes that fit you like a glove… and have your friends asking “what’s your secret?”
  • Have incredible all-day energy without brain fog so you can spend more time with loved ones, have amazing sex with your partner and even achieve your wildest goals and make more money than ever before…
  • Eat your favourite foods without suffering, so you can enjoy going to restaurants and parties, and start visiting your friends again… And enjoy all your favourite activities without ever holding back again

And much MUCH more

This one-of-a-kind program is called

Reclaim Yourself

and it’s the first-ever fully guided protocol that gives you…


Celebrity-Like Access to World Class Doctors, Naturopaths, And Nutritionists Who Work For You 24/7 To Heal Your Body And Guarantee Your Best Years Are Still Ahead Of You (Not Behind!)

celebrity-like access-to-world

They guide you 1 on 1… give you personalised advice… and answer your questions every single day via the dedicated support community… email… and live calls

That’s why you’ll never be alone… you’ll never be lost… and you WILL succeed with this program with no effort…

Because your Health Team will guide you on every step and give you just 1 ridiculously easy tweak to your daily routine per week.

So instead of taking just one supplement… or visiting one specialist… you’ll have an entire team supporting you and working for you to transform your health 24/7.

Now, Allow Me To Introduce You To Your Personal Health Team


Australia’s #1 Most In-Demand Naturopath, Belinda Kirkpatrick, will help you deeply heal your gut and banish digestive symptoms

Belinda has 18 years of clinical experience in women's digestive health. She runs her own practice in Double Bay, Sydney. She’s helped thousands of women from Australia, the US, and Europe to banish their health challenges with 100% natural and proven methods.

dr. ​​Aimée-Gould -Shunney

Californian Women’s #1 Secret Weapon Against Hormonal Symptoms, Dr. ​​Aimée Gould Shunney, will help you balance your hormones and entire body

​​Aimee is a medical and naturopathic doctor from Santa Cruz, California, with 21 years of clinical experience. In her work, she combines the best parts of medicine and naturopathy — creating unique solutions that work better than anything else.

Clinical Therapist, Monica Masero, will put you in control of your emotions, melt away stress and anxiety, and skyrocket your self-esteem

Every day, in her clinic in Double Bay, Sydney, Monica helps people communicate better with their loved ones, tackles their limiting beliefs, and helps them let go of traumas.

monica masero

Clinical Nutritionist, Maddie Walker, will work with you to easily burn fat off your waist, hips and thighs — without dieting

Maddie specialises in weight loss. She assists women in weight loss and management and helps them get clarity on which foods are good for them. Maddie has a Bachelor of Health Science and is a proud member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS).

Certified Counsellor, Katie O’Hara, will make sure you feel comfortable, can freely express yourself, and that you never get stuck

Katie assists our customers every single day. In the Reclaim Yourself System, Katie makes sure you feel safe and welcomed, and that you achieve your desired result with the program. She also listens to your needs to tailor-make this program for you.


Your Health Team Will Help You Eliminate All The Health Issues You’ve Been Suffering From, Including…

    • They’ll help you DROP 10-20 kilos in 8 weeks or less — so you can get your sexy body and confidence back… and stop just looking at sexy clothes — and finally start wearing them and looking AWESOME. (This is possible thanks to a special module weight loss module your Health Team will guide you through)
    • They’ll help you ELIMINATE bloating once and for all so you never feel like a balloon after eating. (You’ll feel this shift instantly thanks to the powerful new supplements that are included in your program)
    • They’ll help you OBLITERATE gas — so you never have to worry of humiliating yourself in front of your family, friends or in your workplace. (The healing nutrients and pre- and probiotics in the supplements you’ll get will break you free from it)
    • They’ll help you kiss allergies GOODBYE — so you’ll never suffer from stubborn runny nose, red eyes, rashes, swollen lips, and other nasty symptoms (That’s because your Health Team will guide you through a deep healing of your gut that will eliminate inflammation — the main cause of allergies)
    • They’ll help you BANISH indigestion — to never feel like you ate an elephant after a meal, and stop your stomach pains for good… So you can enjoy the foods you love again and feel awesome, no matter what you eat. (Your Health Team will help you recognise hidden gut irritants in your diet, and eliminate them for good to reset your gut and restore smooth digestion)
    • They’ll help you FINALLY conquer fatigue — to have incredible all-day energy that never ends so you can accomplish more, be more active, and spend more time with people you love (That’s thanks to all the gut-healing modules your Health Team will guide you through… plus special modules on balancing your hormones that rev up your energy)
    • They’ll help you become FREE from hormonal imbalances — so you can finally take control over your body and get your old self back (Dr. Aimée Gould Shunney is known in California for her uncanny ability to help women balance their hormones naturally… And she’ll help you, too!)
    • They’ll help you END mood swings — so you can have a great mood and be in control of your emotions, no matter what happens (Again, Dr. Aimee will do her magic for you and make it impossible for your body to fall into the mood swings trap again)
    • They’ll help you LET GO of anxiety — so you’ll finally have the peace of mind you deserve which will make your entire life much easier and happier (Clinical Counsellor, Monica Masero will personally help you end stress, melt away anxiety and deal with depression — just as she did for thousands of women like you)
    • They’ll help you make fluid retention a thing of the PAST — so you can get your body back and never have to deal with swollen feet, ankles and legs, and a puffy face (One of Australia’s top Naturopaths, Belinda Kirkpatrick, has plenty of proven tricks that eliminate fluid retention up her sleeve — and she’ll share them with you in your program)
    • They’ll help you finally WIN with IBS — so you can start going out without ever worrying about finding the nearest toilet… And eat the foods you love without bloating, pain, constipation or diarrhea (You’ll achieve it by discovering simple healthy food hacks… and taking the superstar formula included in this program — Complete Gut Repair)
    • They’ll help you completely HEAL leaky gut — to heal your gut, make you start absorbing nutrients again and banish inflammation — so you can return to your normal life, and enjoy great health, a slim body and heaps of energy for decades to come (Your health team will share with you the truth about healing leaky gut you probably never heard from your doctor… that will wipe out this nasty problem once and for all)
    • They’ll help you STOP autoimmune conditions — so you can finally become free from skin problems, recurring fevers, fatigue, joint pain and other problems… And stop worrying they can turn into some health-threatening conditions (They do this by completely extinguishing your all-body inflammation that spread from your damaged gut)
    • And they’ll help you BANISH other “mystery health problems” that ruin your life

And This Is How They’ll Make It Happen In Just 8 Weeks

The first thing we’ll do is schedule an onboarding call with your Health Coordinator.

On this call, we’ll discover your specific health problems and needs… And we’ll also find out what symptoms are bothering you the most right now.

After that, your Health Team will take 24 hours to analyse your answers and come up with a health action plan tailor-made for you…

how-they’ll make it-happen
chronic-health- symptoms

A simple strategy to banish your chronic health symptoms for good — and finally reclaim your health, body and happiness — and start living the best years of your life.

And here’s the exact process your Health Team will guide you through:

Phase 1

Reclaim Your Gut to Unlock Your Body’s Ability to Heal


Your health problems start in your gut… This means your gut health determines your overall health.

Because if you can’t absorb nutrients, then your body can’t use them to heal… And so it starts falling apart.

That’s why the first thing your Health Team will guide you to do is a deep healing of your gut.

Week 1

In Week 1, We’ll Recognize And Eliminate Hidden Triggers That Silently Destroy Your Gut — To Unlock Your Gut’s Ability to Heal.


This is a critical step to ensure your digestive problems never come back… And that you can balance your body… eat anything you want… and feel energised every day.

This week, you’ll also begin taking your Reclaim Yourself Exclusive Formulas that deliver your gut all the essential nutrients it needs to heal and get back to balance…

To start the deep healing process of your entire body so you can feel like your old self again.

And you’ll keep taking these supplements throughout the entire program — to give your gut enough time and all the nutrients it needs to heal for good.


You’ll Feel:

About 92% of your digestive symptoms will be gone thanks to a personalised set of natural formulas, and helping you get rid of gut irritants from your diet.

And even though these symptoms will melt away, this is just the beginning.

It’s a quick fix to improve your health instantly, but the rest of the program is CRUCIAL.

That’s because next, we will take important actions to deeply heal your gut and ensure your symptoms never come back.

Week 2

In Week 2, Your Health Team Will Show You Which Foods Are Good For You So You’re Never Confused About What’s Good and Bad For You.


First, they’ll guide you through eliminating foods that are bad for you…

Then they’ll introduce simple and delicious alternatives that heal your gut and make you feel awesome.

This simple eating protocol is actually fun and easy to implement.

There’s no confusion and no strict diets — yet the results are fast and truly incredible.


You’ll Feel:

You’ll be almost completely bloat-free, and you will have peace of mind when cooking meals or buying food — because you’ll know which meals are good for you.

This will also instantly improve your health and energy levels — because you won’t feel sluggish after eating a meal.

Week 3

In Week 3, We’ll Show You An Easy Way to Cook Healthy Meals Without Wasting Time in Your Kitchen To Easily Deliver Your Body the Healing Nutrients it Needs.


You’ll discover how to prepare gut-friendly meals without wasting time cooking separate meals for your family members.

No more standing for hours in your kitchen to eat healthily — this week gives you the simple answer you’ve been waiting for.


You’ll Feel:

You’ll sleep better and wake up more refreshed.

You will feel lighter and more clear-headed.

Plus, you’ll transform the way you eat which will boost your overall health and vitality…

…so you’ll be able to accomplish more, be self-confident and have a great mood.

Week 4

In Week 4, Your Health Team Will Bust The Harmful Nutritional Myths to Instantly Help You Feel Better.


You’ll know exactly what to do and what not to do when it comes to eating and nutrition — so you’ll never be confused about food again.


You’ll Feel:

You’ll stop following harmful health habits. This will give you incredible all-day energy, laser-sharp thinking, and a great mood.

The best part?

You won’t suffer after eating — and you’ll help your loved ones and friends live more healthily.

Week 5

In Week 5, You’ll Discover 7 EASY Ways to Lose Weight That Have Helped Thousands of Women Like You.

PLUS, Your Health Team Will Show You How to Unlock the Weight Loss Mindset.


By this time, your gut will be in much better shape — which will unlock easy weight loss (and we’ll show you how to rev it up to burn fat off your belly, hips, and thighs — FAST).

Plus, we will show you how to unlock your weight loss mindset — so that your mind supports you in losing weight.


You’ll Feel:

Your mood will be better than it had been in years and your confidence, happiness and peace of mind will come roaring back.

Around this week, you should also notice that you’re losing weight — that’s why this week we focus 100% on weight loss…

Which will give you rock-solid confidence and a sexy body you’re proud of.

Week 6

In Week 6, You’ll Discover The Truth About Healing Leaky Gut To Finally Eliminate It From Your Life Once and For All.


Your Health Team will share with you everything you need to know about leaky gut you probably never heard from your doctor.

After this week, you won’t need to research this topic and pay for expensive consultations anymore.

You’ll know exactly what to do to make it go away and never come back.


You’ll Feel:

Already in week 6, you’ll feel like a new person.

Your gut will be in better shape than it’s been in years… your great mood will be back… you’ll have tons of energy… and you’ll simply feel healthier, happier and stronger than before.

After 6 Weeks Of Following Your Health Team’s Guidance And Taking The Reclaim Yourself Exclusive Supplements, You’ll Be On Your Way To Deeply Healing Your Gut…

And if that’s not enough…

And You’ll Unlock Your Body’s Ability To Heal

Then, your Health Team will guide you through the next step:

Phase 2

Reclaim Your Hormones to Balance Your Body


Week 7

In Week 7, Your Health Team Will Help You Recognise Which Hormonal Imbalances Destroy Your Health So You Can Then Eliminate Them Once and For All…

And You’ll Attend a Bonus Session: “Sex For Women Over 40.”


You’ll discover a simple way to listen to your body to recognize which hormonal imbalances you’re suffering from…

So that next week, your Health Team can help you get rid of them and balance your hormones.

Plus, this week, you’ll have a bonus session: Sex for women over 40 (yes, this one’s gonna be FUN!).


You’ll Feel:

You’ll feel JOY because your hormonal symptoms will dissolve: you will feel fewer mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats and other nasty symptoms…

Plus, if you attend the bonus session, you’ll discover that sex can be not only easy… but also more passionate, exciting and enjoyable than ever before — because of the important changes that happened in your body.

Week 8

In Week 8, Your Health Team Will Show You How to Banish Your Unique Triggers of Hormonal Imbalances To Settle Your Hormones And Give You Back Control Over Your Body.


Last week, we’ve recognised which hormonal imbalances destroy your gut — this week, we are getting rid of them with simple at-home methods tested by thousands of women.


You’ll Feel:

By this time, your chronic health symptoms will be a thing of the past — thanks to the tailor-made program that targets your specific needs with the ongoing support of our health experts.

Your gut will be running like clockwork… your hormones will be in balance… your great mood will be back…

And your health symptoms will be gone!

We’re Giving You 4 Extra Weeks in the Program for Free to Absolutely GUARANTEE Your Problems Are GONE For Good

That’s right, we’re adding 4 extra weeks to your 8-week program.

That's how we turn it into a full-blown 12-week transformational experience.

During these 4 bonus weeks, we’ll fully cover an ultra-important aspect of your health — we’ll help you melt away anxiety, stress and depression… And we’ll empower you to be confident, happy and successful.

In other words — your Health Team will help you install a new positive mindset — which is necessary for keeping perfect health as you grow older.

And so, you’ll begin the next step in your program:

Phase 3

Reclaim Your Emotions to Install a New Positive Mindset That Makes Your Life Healthier, Happier and Easier Than Ever Before


Bonus Week 9

In Bonus Week 9, You’ll Discover How To Break Through Mental Blockages and Stored Emotions To Unleash Your Unique Potential.


This week, we will banish all the negative thoughts that lurk in the depths of your mind… And we will unlock your TRUE potential in every area of your life.

With this information, you’ll easily get what you want… You’ll be beaming with self-confidence… And you’ll always be in control of the situation — no matter what happens.


Bonus Week 10

In Bonus Week 10, Your Health Team Will Show You How to Put Yourself First And Banish Your Limiting Beliefs to Become Happy and Wildly Successful.


Yes, it is time for you to give yourself all the love… attention… and care you deserve. You’ll discover how to do this 100% guilt-free — and feel happier than you thought was possible.

After this week, the happiness will come roaring back to you. You’ll have the peace of mind you always wanted… And stress, anxiety and depression will melt away… Which will positively impact your life, work and relationships.


Bonus Week 11

In Bonus Week 11, We’ll Show You A NEW Easy Way to Communicate With People, so They Always Understand, Support, and Respect You.


We’ll show you new ways to express yourself, your thoughts, and your needs — so that others NEVER ignore you again.

From now on, people will respect you and your opinions. They’ll listen to you, do what you say more often, and they’ll acknowledge you and what you do for them.

This will make your entire life much easier — and more enjoyable, as other people will easily agree with you and give you the attention you deserve.


At This Point, You’ll Be In Full Control Of Your Emotions… And Stress, Anxiety And Depression Won’t Be Destroying Your Life Anymore

Which means you’ll complete your healing and balancing journey… And completely wipe out your chronic health symptoms for good.

From now on, you’ll be free to live your life as you please… eating the foods you like… doing things you love… making new friends… achieving more in work, home, relationships, and life in general…

And living in great health, happiness and love for decades to come.

And to guarantee that you keep this fantastic new lifestyle, your Health Team will guide you through the final step:

Phase 4

Keep Your NEW Self


Bonus Week 12

In Bonus Week 12, Your Health Team Will Show You How to Keep Your Amazing New Health, Body And Life and Never Allow Any Health Problems to Ruin Your Life Again.


This week is the pinnacle of the entire program…

Because your Health Team will give you final advice on how to keep your brand new healthy body and amazing life — and never let chronic health symptoms ruin your happiness again.

This week will be your key to Keeping Your NEW Self — your true self that’s healthy, happy and energised.


Do what your Health Team shows you this week and you’ll enjoy a long life…

Living your best years…

Enjoying your best health…

And having the time of your life!

Because in total…

You Get 12 Weeks Of Hands-On Guidance, Coaching And Simple Tweaks To Your Daily Routine…

That give you your health back.

And it all starts with you joining the Reclaim Yourself System.


Here’s What’s Included In Your Program


First and foremost, you get unique, celebrity-like access to the world-class doctors, naturopaths, psychologists and nutritionists who work for you:


Belinda Kirkpatrick

Clinical Naturopath


Dr. ​​Aimée Shunney

Medical Doctor


Miriam Gubovicova

Certified Holistic Nutritionist


Andri Peetso

Certified BioHacker


Monica Masero

Clinical Psychologist


Tobie Kokot

Nutritional Scientist


Matthew Murphy

Founder of Happy Mammoth


Maddie Walker

Weight Loss Expert


Katie O’Hara

Health Coordinator

Group 116539

You Get Weekly Coaching Calls With Your Health Team…

…Which means you’ll get personalised guidance on your health that guarantees your symptoms go away…

So you can be free to live your life as you please, doing things you love, and enjoying great health.

Every week, in a small, safe, and intimate group of like-minded women, you’ll attend a 90-minute coaching session with your Health Team to answer your questions, give you personalised advice, and help you get your desired outcome with the program.


Thanks to these calls, we tailor-make this program for you and help you every step of the way to permanently heal your gut — and get a brand new body.

In total, you’ll get 18 hours of these coaching sessions!

And that’s not all you get because…

You’ll Receive a 3-Month Supply of the 4 Reclaim Yourself Exclusive Supplements

(Included In The Program)

These 4 NEW supplements deliver all the nutrients your body needs to heal and balance itself…

So you can let go of your chronic health symptoms and start living again.

We’ve developed this new line of supplements exclusively for this program.

They’re the best, fastest-acting and most potent natural formulas we ever made.


You’ll receive:

NEW Synbiotic Bone Broth That Restores Your Ability to Absorb Nutrients

Synbiotics are a carefully selected mix of pre- and probiotics that adapt to your unique gut flora. In fact, scientists found that Synbiotics work much better in restoring healthy gut flora compared to prebiotics and probiotics alone.

Apart from rejuvenating your gut flora, the NEW Synbiotic Bone Broth delivers the highest quality vitamins, minerals and other nutrients your body needs to get back to balance and:

  • Banish bloating and gas
  • Restore smooth digestion and cut sugar cravings
  • Make your body absorb all the nutrients again

NEW Complete Gut Repair That Deeply Heals Your Gut and Boosts Weight Loss

The NEW Complete Gut Repair is an absolute superstar of this program.

It's a new, more potent, more complex, and faster-working version of our all-time bestselling gut remedy sold in a whopping number of 151,773 jars: Prebiotic Collagen Protein.

Complete Gut Repair gives you the support you need — even if you suffer from severe gut problems nothing can help you get rid of.

Plus, it helps you:

  • Seal your gut to end leaky gut and food intolerances
  • Stop diarrhoea and constipation
  • Lose stubborn fat off your belly, hips and thighs

NEW & Ultra Potent L-Glycine That Melts Away Stress and Boosts Your Energy

L-Glycine is a new formula from Happy Mammoth created specifically for your Reclaim Yourself System. Backed by 270 scientific studies, it boosts the collagen production in your body to speed up your gut's recovery and deliver other amazing benefits:

  • Melts away stress, anxiety and depression
  • Boosts your energy
  • Makes you fall asleep faster, sleep longer and feel awesome every day

Ultra-Absorb L-Glutamine That Prevents Your Gut From Damage

L-Glutamine is an amino acid that's critical for your gut health. It's been shown in 217 scientific studies to seal holes, cracks and fissures caused by the Leaky Gut Syndrome.

It guarantees fast and easy absorption for a whole host of amazing health benefits:

  • Stops bad bacteria, fungi and parasites from ruining your health
  • Stops inflammation from burning your gut and body
  • Creates a perfect environment for good gut bacteria to grow

Over 40,289 women who use our supplements report success beyond any doubt…

And these exclusive formulas are the most potent, fastest, and most efficient formulas we’ve ever developed — so they work even better than the supplements that have already helped over 250,000 women worldwide.

And they’re not available anywhere else.

You can get them only when you join the Reclaim Yourself System.

Another mind-blowing thing you get is…

Ongoing Assistance From Your Health Coordinator To Guarantee You Get the Desired Results With The Program

The Health Coordinator is like your best friend. She’ll be there to create a safe and friendly environment for you, where you can freely express yourself and talk about your issues, challenges, and goals — and to make sure you never get stuck.

Anytime, you can ask her all sorts of questions, and she’ll be there to assist and support you — and to guarantee you’re getting the desired result with the program (you can’t fail!).

Thanks to that, you’ll be able to talk to someone and be truly HEARD… which will unload the burden off your shoulders, make you happier, and more confident.


To Turbocharge Your Results, Skyrocket Your Confidence, And Make You Feel Comfortable, You’ll Join Your Private Support Group

You’ll join a group of other like-minded women to create your own support group and make new friendships.

Support is critical in every area of your life — that’s why it is an integral part of the Reclaim Yourself System.

It is also your unique opportunity to meet like-minded women who understand you — and openly chat with them about anything you want…

Potentially making new amazing friendships that will last a lifetime.

And that’s not all you get, because…


Your Health Team Will Recommend 2 All Natural Herbal Supplements That Are Designed To Banish Your Most Debilitating Symptoms

(Included In The Program)

After analysing your answers from your Onboarding Call, your Health Team will select two bonus supplements that instantly banish your most debilitating symptoms.

And we will ship you these supplements free of any charge (they’re included in the program).

If your Health Team finds out that you feel drained of energy, we will ship you supplements that boost your energy 100% naturally.

If your Health Team finds out that you suffer from food sensitivities, we will ship you supplements that instantly calm your stomach.

If your Health Team finds out that you suffer from hormonal symptoms, we’ll ship you supplements that quickly balance your hormones…

And so on.


The result is that right from the first day of this program, you’ll already feel MUCH better.

You’ll have more energy, you’ll be more comfortable, more relaxed…

And with each and every consecutive week, it will only get BETTER!


You’ll Receive the Most Important Resource In This Program The Success Blueprint That Makes Following it Fast and Dead Simple

It’s a published handbook that takes you by the hand and walks you through every step on your way to permanent healing of your body… And getting your life BACK.

It guides you through every step in this program so you never get stuck… And easily achieve your goal of transforming your health, for good.

And when you finish the program, your Success Guide will become your personal health “cheat sheet” that helps you maintain perfect health, energy and happiness for decades to come.


Next Comes Your Comprehensive 12-Module Video Masterclass…

…where you’re going to discover simple, weekly tweaks to your routine.

They’ll allow you to heal, energise, and balance your body from the ground up…

So you can finally banish your chronic health symptoms and get your old self back.

These no-fluff, easy-to-understand videos recorded by our doctors, naturopaths and psychologists walk you through the program…


Plus, they show you the critical information you won’t find anywhere else, like:

  • What are the hidden irritants that destroy your gut without you even knowing
  • Simple healthy twists to add to your regular meals to make them gut-friendly…WITHOUT cooking separate meals for your family
  • 5 harmful nutritional myths you must stop following ASAP
  • 7 EASY ways to lose weight that helped thousands of women have lean bodies
  • A simple way to command instant respect and attention from the people you talk with
  • How to ignite rock-solid self-confidence that allows you to earn more money, achieve more, and go through your life with your head up
  • And so much more!

With All These Resources, You’ll Begin The 12-Week Healing Program. It’s Ridiculously Easy Because It’s Fully Guided…

And You Only Have To Add Just 1 Simple Tweak To Your Daily Routine Every Week To Succeed With It!

This means that everyone can do it.

No matter your age… hormonal profile… the symptoms you suffer from… your health… or anything else…

Just follow our guidance — and you’ll succeed!

In fact, even the busiest Mums easily find time to go through it — because it takes up to 1-2 hours a week to follow this simple program.

And because it guides you to add just 1 simple tweak to your routine every week — it’s dead simple and easy to achieve.

Plus, thanks to the ongoing support of your Health Team, you’ll never get stuck… and you’ll get the desired result with the program, because you’ll always have their support.

In other words…

12 Weeks In the Program Will Remove 8-18 Years of Aging from Your Body So You’ll Feel Like You're in Your 20s Again

Remember how easy your life was in your 20s?

If you’re like most people, all you cared about was having a good time and enjoying every minute of your life.

It was truly a magical time and every single one of us will keep coming back to it with a taste of nostalgia… but here’s the thing:

Who said your best years are already past you?

Sure, you can't go back in time to experience the magic of your 20s again…

But you can STILL do the second-best thing:


You can follow the Reclaim Yourself System — and bring this magic BACK into your life.

  • No matter if you're in your 30s... 40s... 50s... even 70s or 80s...
  • No matter if you're going through perimenopause, menopause, or postmenopause... or suffering from hormonal imbalances, fibromyalgia, or other conditions...
  • No matter how stressful your life is and how many chores you have to juggle during the day...

There are thousands of women all across Australia just like you who now feel like themselves again because they trusted us and our advice!


"My tummy feels very happy, despite being diagnosed with Crohn's (My Mum takes it, too!)


"I feel energetic and my skin is plumper and brighter"


"Both me and my daughter felt GREAT after just 3 days"


"I'm sleeping right through the night"


"I have IBD/Ulcerative Colitis and this has eased the pain, bloating and sounds after just a few days"


"It changed my life"


"In just 3 weeks, it made me feel better than thought possible"


"I feel healthier and I'm not craving sugar"


This is what these women achieved with our basic supplements.

Now think what kind of breakthroughs you’ll get with our NEW faster-acting exclusive formulas, supported by a 12-week support program… And the help of your Health Team!

To get this and completely transform your life, you have to act now because…

Just 79 Spots Are Available And 157,439 Women Are Invited to Join It!

The Reclaim Yourself System is limited to just 79 spots to keep it personal and make sure you get the result you want.

Right now, 157,439 women in Australia are being notified about this program… And they’re securing their spots as we speak.


This means that for every spot in this program, there are 1,992 women invited to join it.

So if you don’t act now — I can guarantee that in a few minutes from now, all these spots will be taken, and you will miss out on this opportunity to heal your body and get rid of chronic health symptoms…

And join a true movement of like-minded women who want to get back full control over their lives.

And that’s not the only reason to act now:

The Only Time You Can Save 40%

It’s the first edition of this program and we want to honour the women who join us now…

That’s why we’ve come up with the limited “Founding Members” offer where you save 40% OFF as our way of saying “thank you” for joining us…

And it’s the ONLY time we do this.

So if you want permanent healing… for the best possible price… and if you want to make sure you don’t miss out on it…

You really have to act NOW.

And lastly, here’s the third reason why joining us now is really a no-brainer:

Exclusive Supplements You Won’t Get Anywhere Else And World-Class Health Pros That Are Booked Up 6-8 Months Ahead

The Reclaim Yourself Exclusive Formulas are developed ONLY for this program.

This means you won’t get them anywhere else — even in our store.

The only way to get these groundbreaking supplements is by participating in the program.


Plus, participating in this program gives you a rare opportunity to personally work with the best doctors, naturopaths, psychologists and nutritionists in the world who create your own Health Team.

Our health professionals are booked up for 6-8 months ahead — so you can’t just go out there and have instant consultation with them…

And when someone wants to cut the queue, they need to pay a “rush fee” of $1,250 to get their help.

Yet you don’t have to wait or pay any extra fees.

You can skip the queue and get their personal attention for a fraction of the price — because we’ve booked their time for you.

So if you want to work with the best experts who guarantee you get the result you want, joining this program is the easiest and cheapest way to do this.

IMPORTANT: When you join the Reclaim Yourself System, you risk nothing because we guarantee it'll work for you — or you get your money back.

Your Reclaim Yourself System Is

100% Risk-Free

guarantee badges

When you join the Reclaim Yourself System, you’re protected by our 12-week, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Order it now and follow the simple step-by-step system. If at any moment you're not satisfied, simply call or email our fast-acting, friendly customer support to get an instant refund of your purchase. No questions asked!

Plus, you can keep everything you received for no extra fees. It's our way of saying "thank you" for trying this program.

OK, So How Much Does This Permanent-Healing Program Cost?

First, let me ask you this:

How much does it cost you NOT to join it and finally end the health problems that ruin your life?

How many years of good life will this cost you?

How many frustrations and disappointments…

And how many beautiful moments, laughs, travels, and other things you love will this cost you if you don’t join this program?

Remember that your problems didn’t start yesterday.

If you’re like most women we talked to, you’ve been suffering for years… maybe decades.

So you know exactly how much you suffer… how limited you feel… how frustrated, sad and confused you are…

That’s why, compared to the price you’re paying for having these health problems, the cost of joining this program is irrelevant…

Because it wipes out these problems for good, so you can reset your health and have a fresh start…


Living your life as you please, and never holding back because of some nasty problems again!

And all that at a massive discount…


In Reclaim Yourself System You Get Access to The Best Specialists, Supplements, and a Proven Healing Protocol For the Fraction of What it Costs

Let's do a quick breakdown of how much it would be to get all these things separately:

  • Your Reclaim Yourself System gives you a supply of supplements worth $1079,88
  • Then, there's the video masterclass. It's the equivalent of 17 hours of consultations with different doctors and naturopaths, distilled into a single masterclass. Currently, our naturopaths and doctors’ rate is $350 per hour. So if you were to get 17 hours of consultations with them, it would add up to $5,950
  • Next, you get live coaching calls with your Health Team. In total, you get 18 hours of coaching. This adds up to a whopping $6,300
  • You also get access to the Program Coordinator, who will spend a total of 50+ hours making sure you feel comfortable and that you’re getting the result you want. Her rate per hour is $150, so in total, it costs us $7,500 to have her assist you. $7,500
  • Then, you get your Success Guide, all the checklists, and other documents prepared by our health experts. To prepare all of these for a private client would take at least 10 hours. So that's another $3,500 that you'd need to invest. $3,500
  • In total, if you wanted to follow this system by getting everything separately, you'd need to invest about $24,329.88. $24,329.88

In fact, this is what we’ve invested in putting this program together for you. And I’m not including all the other costs related to running it.

Yet you don't need to invest anything even remotely close to the price we just calculated…

Enjoy Permanent Healing — And Save Money

Since we’re allowing 79 people in — we could break some of the costs down.

That's how we've been able to significantly reduce the price of this program to the bare minimum that covers our costs and leaves some to keep the lights on.

So here comes the exciting news...

To participate in the Reclaim Yourself System, you don't need to invest $24,329.88...

Not. Even. Close.

Instead, you can have it all for

Just $997 today...

And then 3 monthly payments of $667

This means that for just $33 a day, you get access to the complete healing program and the best healthy professionals who will help you end your chronic health problems.

And when you sign up today, you save 40% OFF the regular price with the Limited Founding Members Offer.

Join Today With A Convenient Monthly Payment Plan

Just $997 Today
And 3 Monthly Payments Of $667
(PLUS Save $2,000 OFF The Regular Price!)

You Get Instant Access to The 12-Week Program Which Includes:

  • 18 Hours of Coaching Calls With Your Health Team
  • 14 Jars Of New Cutting-Edge Exclusive Supplements
  • 2 Supplements That Instantly Banish Your Most Debilitating Symptoms
  • The Success Guide With a Guided 12-Week Video Masterclass
  • Your Private Support Group
  • Recipes, checklists, and much more… PLUS…
  • FREE Bonus #1: Multiple 1-on-1 Consultations with Your Health Coordinator
  • FREE Bonus #2: How to Eliminate Dangerous Toxins From Your Life
  • FREE Bonus #3: Morning and Evening Routines

Now, let’s say you suffered from autoimmune conditions and went for conventional treatment. The total cost of treating autoimmune problems can amount to $5,529 (or more).

Next, let’s say you suffered from hormonal imbalances and signed up for HRT. The entire therapy would cost you $4,767 (or more) in total costs…

And if you wanted to improve your mood and mental wellbeing and went for therapy… The average number of sessions required by doctors to see a result is 15… with an average cost per session of $200… which adds up to $3,000…

So if you wanted to fix these problems the conventional way, it would cost you $13,329.

Even with insurance, you’d need to shell out a few thousand dollars in total costs…

And it would take years until you completed the treatment… with NO guarantee you’d actually feel better.

Now compare it to the Reclaim Yourself System…

For just $997 today (and three payments of $667 starting a month from now), you get your own, health team just like celebrities do…

And this team of very best experts will work for you to eliminate all kinds of chronic problems you suffer from…

And we guarantee you’ll succeed with it — or you pay NOTHING!

Which means that for a fraction of the price of conventional treatments, you can completely transform your life with NO financial risk whatsoever.

No conventional treatment offers this…

And no health company has ever done anything like it.

That’s why it’s your ONLY chance to kiss your nasty problems goodbye the easiest, fastest and cheapest way possible...

So click the button below right now to get started.

When you click this button, you’ll be taken to our secure order page.

It’ll look like this:


When you land on this page, simply fill out your details and click the button under the order form to secure your spot in the Reclaim Yourself System.

Your data is protected by the most sophisticated 256-bit encryption… the same they use in banks and on government sites…

So you can rest assured that your order is 100% safe and protected!

Click the button below to secure your spot now:

When You Join it Right Now, You’ll Also Get…


Bonus #1

1-on-1 Consultations with the Program Coordinator To Guarantee You Get the Result You Want

(Value: $150 per hour — Yours FREE)


As a bonus, you’ll be able to book multiple 1-on-1 calls with the Program Coordinator. You can book them whenever you need extra support or just want to talk to someone.

Our Program Coordinator is a highly empathetic person with a true gift for listening. You can be sure that you can talk to her about anything, and she’ll be there to support you.

Sharing your thoughts with her will lift the load off your shoulders and make you happier and more self-confident. Plus, the Program Coordinator will make sure you’re getting your desired outcome with the program — and that you never get stuck.


This means you can’t fail with this program — because you’ll have constant support and help whenever you need it.

Bonus #2

How to Eliminate Dangerous Toxins From Your Life

(Value: $2,200 — Yours FREE)


In our homes, there are hidden toxins that accumulate in our bodies day-after-day… Silently crushing our health, making us feel tired, attacking our brain, and causing mental decline…

Even leading to heart problems and serious all-body poisoning along with a whole host of weird symptoms that are almost impossible to diagnose.

That’s why to enjoy a long, healthy and happy life, you have to take care of your surroundings… And create a healthy environment for your family and yourself.


That’s what this Special Bonus Module is all about. It’s been prepared by two world’s leading experts on “Healthy Environments”:

  • Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Miriam Gubovicova
  • And a BioHacker and Published Author, Andri Peetso

You’ll receive a set of videos recorded by them along with simple documents that help you eliminate these dangerous toxins from your life…

And introduce new, healthy items and materials you can use instead — to enjoy great health, memory, laser-sharp thinking, and energy for decades to come.

Bonus #3

Morning and Evening Routines for Endless Happiness, Gratitude, and Self-Confidence

(Value: $297 — Yours FREE)


Starting and ending your day empowered, happy and energised is critical for your happiness and health. Just think of it — if something in the morning puts you off — your entire day will likely turn out bad.

But when you start and end your day with joy and peace of mind… and know how to stay calm even when something goes wrong… Your entire life will become much easier and more fulfilling.

Same story with your evenings. The way you end your day and feel before you go to sleep impacts your feelings and achievements the following day.


Starting and ending your day empowered, happy and energised is critical for your happiness and health. Just think of it — if something in the morning puts you off — your entire day will likely turn out bad.

But when you start and end your day with joy and peace of mind… and know how to stay calm even when something goes wrong… Your entire life will become much easier and more fulfilling.

Same story with your evenings. The way you end your day and feel before you go to sleep impacts your feelings and achievements the following day.


So to recap, you’re about to get:

  • Weekly Coaching Sessions With Your Health Team
  • Ongoing Assistance From Your Health Coordinator
  • A Private Discovery Call
  • 2 Personalised Supplements that instantly banish your most persistent health symptoms
  • A 3-Month Supply of the 4 Exclusive Reclaim Yourself Supplements
  • The Success Guide
  • A Comprehensive 12-Module Video Masterclass.
  • Your Support Group
  • Healthy Recipes Book
  • Supplement Protocol
  • Easy “Foods To Avoid” Checklist
  • Bonus #1: Multiple 1-on-1 Consultations with the Program Coordinator
  • Bonus #2:How to Eliminate Dangerous Toxins From Your Life
  • Bonus #3:Morning and Evening Routines

The total retail value of everything you get with your Reclaim Yourself System with all the free bonuses is $26,976.88 — and it's yours for just $997 today and 3 monthly payments of $667 starting 30 days from now.

So don't hesitate, click the button below to join it right now and begin the permanent healing of your body…

But hurry — if you don’t act now, you’ll miss out on joining this program that quickly turns into a true life-transforming movement (the 79 spots available GO AWAY FAST!):


All You Have to Do is TRY it

John Lennon once said: ”Life passes you by while you’re busy planning.”

Don’t let your life pass you by while you’re busy budgeting.

Because now — you no longer have a problem…

Now, you have a solution.

And that solution comes with a choice…

The choice to either ignore everything I just told you and continue trying to fix your health the hard way…


Trying another bunch of temporary solutions that do nothing to free you from your chronic symptoms…

Hoping that eventually, in years to come, you might become symptom-free…


You can choose to join the Reclaim Yourself System and have your own Health Team work for you to:

  • Eliminate your chronic health symptoms and put you in control of your body again…
  • Bring you back health, happiness and vitality…
  • And finally set you free to live up to your true potential, enjoy all the beautiful moments… and live the best years of your life.

But I can't make this decision for you.

All I can do is show you the way.

The choice is yours and only yours to make.

But I suggest you choose carefully...

Because the decision you’ll make right now, is going to shape the rest of your life.

Because it’s a decision that has the power to set you free.

And when you’ll look back on it, you’ll realise that this very moment right now, was the moment that changed everything for you.

So right now your chance to get access to this 12-week transformative experience is right under this sentence:

See that button above?

All you have to do is click it because…

That click is the only thing standing between you and removing your chronic health problems…

That click is the only thing standing between you and living your life to the fullest, having a thin, gorgeous body, and enjoying foods, activities and beautiful moments without suffering…

And that click is the only thing standing between you and feeling like your old self again.

So, click that button now and set yourself FREE to experience all that magic again.

And Just to Remind You — You’re NOT Risking Anything Here

All the risk is on us.

Because remember — if you’re not happy for any reason whatsoever, just message our friendly customer service, and they’ll instantly refund every single cent — no questions asked…

And you can keep everything FREE of charge as our way of saying thanks for trying it out.

If I'm wrong and this program doesn’t work for you, just one simple email cancels your order and gets you all your money back.

But What if I’m Right?

Let me put it this way: I’m not asking you to buy anything here.

All I’m asking you to do… is TRY.

I’m not asking you to say yes.

I’m asking you to say MAYBE.

Just say MAYBE and for 12 weeks, use everything I just showed you to obliterate your chronic health issues, get back control over your life and… reclaim yourself!

And if that doesn’t happen — then you don’t pay…

And you keep everything free of charge.

Listen, it’s up to you…

A month from today, you can be nothing more than 30 days older…

Or you can be on your way to becoming symptom-free.

You decide.

So now, let me ask you this...

What if You Made the Simple Choice to Give This a Try?

Look — you already know us. You know we never make empty promises. You've tried our formulas and know they work. And the same applies to your Reclaim Yourself System.

We've carefully selected the nutrients your gut needs to heal and rebuild itself.

And to make it as easy... as fast... and as effortless as humanly possible... we’ve recorded the Video Masterclass and printed the Success Guide with all the checklists to make sure you know exactly what to do to end your chronic health problems for good.

Heck — we will PERSONALLY coach you on your 12-week journey.

We will give you your own Health Team that will work FOR YOU to transform your health…

And we will give you our very best Program Coordinator to support you, uplift you and make sure you get your desired results.

We've put in hundreds of hours of work for you. Then we took all the risk — and gave you a 12-week money-back guarantee.

We know you've been disappointed many times by people who don't understand you...

We know you've been frustrated by greedy doctors who are clueless about how to help you...

And we know you've been failed by all the worthless solutions you tried.

That's why with this program, your healing journey will end in 12 weeks — and you’ll be free to live the rest of your life as you please… Doing the things you love… Eating the foods you enjoy… Having the sexy body you’re blown away with… And thriving in every aspect of your life for decades to come!

Join it now while it's still available at the lowest possible price of $997 today and 3 payments of $667 starting a month from now (hurry, there are just 79 spots available and 135,439 women are invited to join it!):

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